Broadstairs Cricket Club


Membership details

Please follow these instructions to register your details on PlayCricket. A short guidance video is also available here 

If you run into any technical details, please let us know at our contact page  and we can get you set-up on the club's PlayCricket system without you having to set-up an ECB account.

1: If you don't already have an ECB account, please register your email address and password at ECB Register Page

   (for members under 16, this will need to be completed by parent/guardian)

2: Use the same email address and password to sign into PlayCricket ECB SSO Portal

3: If you already have an account and don't know your password, click "forgot your password" and follow the instructions to set your new password

4: Once you have signed into PlayCricket, select your communication preferences, accept the terms and condiaitons and then in the next section, click "select club" and then search for Broadstairs and select Broadstairs CC. For players who play for either of the Saturday adult teams in the Kent League, please also click "select league", search for and select Kent Cricket League. In the box that asks for for an explanation, just type in "registration"

5: Go to the Broadstairs CC Play Cricket page, sign in if you are not already signed in and then update your details by clicking on the icon circled in red below